What is a fun buggy?


  • Two-wheeled car with small bench.
  • One or two-carriage carriages.
  • Light (open) car Bicycle-trailer-for-outdoor-trekking.
  • Lighter, collapsible kids sports car.
  • A (mostly two-seater) motorized golf cart with which golfers move on the golf course.
  • Three-wheeled vehicle with a steerable front wheel, a rigid, wide rear axle, and a body in the middle, sometimes resembling a dinghy, which is driven either by a sailmast by wind or without a sailmast by a steering kite.

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Dinky Buggy ATV

Dinky ATV 150cc with street registration.

Longer wheelbase in comparison to the normal version, thereby more legroom in the interior, 10 cm higher, as well as additional drums in the center console. If you are looking for a small, inexpensive UTV that can also practice your children on private grounds or a cute vehicle for the city, without parking problems or just have fun? Then you are exactly right here.

This new Side-by-Side UTV impresses with its great looks, and the agile handling will inspire you. Even drifts are no problem. The automatic transmission ensures unlimited driving pleasure. A large loading area for purchases is self-evident. So start with your kids in your new adventure, side-by-side. Driving license is enough. No helmet requirement. Continue reading Dinky Buggy ATV

Kite buggy

A Kitebuggy is a usually three-wheeled, rare four-wheeled vehicle that is pulled by a mostly barless four-line kite (Powerkite) and controlled with the feet across the front axle. The wide rear axle provides support during cornering.

The first kitesailing attempts were made as early as 1826, but the modern Kitebuggy was invented in the late 1980s in New Zealand, the dragon builder Peter Lynn. From the beginning of the 1990s, the Kitebuggy was also known in Germany, where many friends of the dragon built their own buggies, which looked relatively bizarre and very unsafe. At the end of the 1990s the sport became popular and has been operated by many kitesport enthusiasts worldwide since then. Continue reading Kite buggy

Fun Buggies

Quad & ATVs

All children ‘s quads should be CE certified sports equipment, meet the latest safety standards – especially imports are continuously improved and adapted to the growing needs of customers. Above all, electric children’s squares are very popular due to the simple handling and the low maintenance. Due to the high performance and speed, quads for children are not toys!

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